Wigs and Accessories

For temporary or permanent hair loss, we stock synthetic, human hair, and heat defiant wigs, toppers and partial hairpieces. They are available in classic, monofilament and smartlace styles that are lightweight, easily styled and comfortable to wear in an array of colors.  We suggest you schedule an appointment for a personal consultation with us to help you to chose your wig or topper.

We have 2 types of appointments:

1) “LOOK & LEARN” – free 15 minute consult – you will see our selection and we will explain the different fibers, bases and options.

2) ONE HOUR CONSULT with one of our hair specialists to measure, fit and help you find the style, fiber, construction and color that best suites your needs and to explain proper wear and care. You may also schedule time to try on hats and scarves. There is a $50 consultation fee which is waived when you chose a wig or topper on the same day of your consult.

Human Hair Wigs

Alternative human hair most closely mimics your biological hair and allows you the versatility to style with heat. Although a greater investment than synthetic and heat-defiant synthetic fibers, human hair gives the most natural look and feel and will outlast synthetic fiber when cared for properly.
PROS: Most Natural Look, unlimited styling options, feels cooler than synthetic fibers, some colors can be customized.
CONS: Biggest investment, requires specific care products to maintain moisture, reacts to the environment

Heat Defiant Wigs

Heat Resistant Synthetic fibers offer a more natural texture than traditional synthetic and versatility in styling options with a lower investment than human hair. Heat-defiant fibers do have more stretch than traditional synthetic so they do require more maintenance, especially if longer than shoulder length.
PROS: Natural texture, less investment than human hair, permanent color when washed, multiple styling options
CONS: Can tangle easily, requires more maintenance than traditional synthetic, warmer than human hair, color cannot be altered, shorter lifespan than human hair or traditional synthetic

Traditional Synthetic Wigs

Traditional Synthetic Wigs offer minimal styling and maintenance with less investment than human hair and are not reactive to weather changes. Less fuss and easy to care for. Color is permanent when washed.
CONS: feels warmer than human hair, color & style cannot be altered, shorter lifespan than human hair

How to Measure for a Wig

Different Types of Wig Fibers

Different Types of Wig Cap Designs